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"David Kreitzer's landscapes are beautiful statements about beautiful nature. Many artists throughout the years have painted with just such a love of nature -- from English landscape artists such as Turner and Constable to nineteenth century artists such as Cezanne. The romantic quality of Kreitzer's paintings give them such a lushness and a hint of an underlying meaning. The meaning may be the importance of the gift of nature to man or a hymn to the readily available, but often unseen aura around us. Each viewer must accept the statement that the work makes to them, but each landscape is more than subject matter, color and technique. It is not wrong to look for the beauty in todays world. Too few people try to find beauty and for too long the word "beautiful" has been out of fashion when describing works of art. Kreitzer's paintings are best described as beautiful objects in the tradition of fine art."
Judith Sealy director of the Bakersfield Museum of Art
1991 *
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